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Web Development

Web development

We develop professional and clean websites for startups, small and midsize businesses, governmental institutions, newspapers, societies and others. We believe that beautiful and clean designs add significant value to a website and our websites are designed to rank naturally well in Google.

SEO, Google

SEO Google

Search Engine Optimization is making a website ranking better in Google (and other search engines). Our pricing in SEO is conditioned by the progress we make in rankings. We also advice our clients to teach them best practices so that their websites keep progressing even after our intervention.

Web Design

Web design

We believe a beautiful web design adds value to a website. We have talented designers and offer to redesign websites that already exist or to new websites and clients who wish to hire us just for the design. We do WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop and Spip theming.

Pro Blog & Social Marketing

Web design

Having a professional blog and using social marketing can be a very strong way to build customer loyalty, bring new traffic, and a very effective way for improving your rankings in Google. We offer to set up everything for you to run a professional blog using social marketing to promote it..

Conversion rate Optim.

Conversion rate optimization

A way to increase sales or other conversions (subscriptions, contacts) is to optimize the conversion rate. This will increase the sales without having to invest more on traffic acquisition. We do audit then statistical tests to determine how to increase your conversion rate.

Web Marketing Consultancy

Web marketing optimization

If you have a website or plan to build a website, and want to get traffic, to monetize it or build a stronger brand, we can offer you our expertise and accompany your project from the market analysis to the marketing strategy and the product design.